I showed painting of C8 coupe to Ford's retired head of advance design

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    I was out in Malibu today and I recognized him from the (now discontinued) Car & Coffees at Irvine which was a show done more or less for him. He looked at the side view for a moment and started picking apart the design around the doors and roof, then just summed it up and said "It's a mass produced design." So i am assuming what he would have liked to see wasn't in the car or couldn't be done at Chevy's base price. Maybe I'll see him at Pebble and hear more. I urge you , if you are going to a show, you may see a designer , so be ready, carry around pictures of some new (or even classic) design and solict their learned opinion. I really enjoyed that moment at the castle concours in Riverside, CA when i got Camilo Pardo (lead designer on '05-06 Ford GT )to walk around a '51 Ford coupe custom and point out to me its brillance (it really was well done) I think that car would cost $250,000 to duplicate.
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    Camilo is a really good guy. Met him at the GT Rally 11 in Austin. My car partner got to give his girlfriend a ride in our '05 GT for the parade laps.
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    I love encountering drivers, industry professionals, celebrities, etc. just being car guys. Cool story.

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