HRE Presents | The Road To Rimac - An inside look at Rimac Automobili with HRE Wheels

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    Since 2012, HRE has been working with Rimac Automobili on wheel-related projects, beginning with the Top Marques show in Monaco that year. For the concept version of the Concept_One, HRE supplied both a P40SC and P44SC forged wheels for display and testing purposes.

    Shortly after, Rimac elected HRE to produce the OEM wheel for the production version of the Concept_One - a 1-piece forged wheel featuring a two-tone charcoal finish with a CNC-machined face. Rimac also used other HRE wheels for testing and video purposes, such as the P101 set that was installed on the Concept_One.

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    For the launch of Rimac’s latest hypercar, the Concept_Two (C_Two), they reached out to HRE once again in late 2017 with an all-new concept wheel design. The focus of this design was aerodynamics and cooling, featuring a carbon-fiber piece affixed to the face of a 1-piece wheel to complement the aerodynamic qualities of the car’s design, and exhaust hot air from the wheel area.

    In support of this project, members of HRE’s team visited the Rimac facility outside Zagreb Croatia, before attending the launch of the Rimac C_Two at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland. The Rimac team gave HRE full access to tour and film their ever-growing manufacturing facility, engineering offices and design studio. HRE Wheels was given permission to show select portions of these areas and processes, providing a unique glimpse into one of today’s most exciting hypercar companies.

    HRE Wheels thanks Rimac for their hospitality and congratulates their entire team on the successful launch of their futuristic C_Two.

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    Thank you very much for taking a look hope you enjoyed!
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