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    Apologies for X posting with Tom's site, but.....
    Finally closing in on the engine R&R on my 330 GTC (too bad i don't get paid by the hour!). Decided to paint the horn trumpets since I'd run out of stuff to do (not) and they were, well, right there beggin' for a fresh coat of paint. Of course, they worked great when I removed them. The (compressor) horn motor works great (tested on a Hella trummpet i had in my stash), but not either of the GTC trumpets. When i painted the trumpets i unscrewed them from their diaphragm bases, painted and replaced, at, what I thought was the same depth. I took one of the bases apart, as you can see in the photos, but blowing compressed air in the orifice just results in air exiting the sound. (other than me swearing) Could I be using too much compressed air? (please, no jokes about my XS of hot air...I get enough from Mrs. M.) I think this has to do with the movement of the diaphragm. Or not. thanx steve
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