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    Abbiamo finalmente terminato un importante lavoro di " rinfresco " al motore della mia 400GT, carburatori /5 marce, del 1978...
    Grazie al fornito magazzino di EUROSPARES, alla gentilezza di Claudio, ed alla rapidita' di consegna del materiale....( certi particolari introvabili altrove ) non posso che essere soddisfatto per questa grande collaborazione !
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    Arvid Andersson
    My good friend Dedo Tanzi has asked me to translate his last post for him as he is not trained in the english language. Here is what Dedo wants to say after finishing considerable work on his - as new - 400GT and after experiencing a great relationship with Eurospares :

    "We have finally finished important work and "refreshment" to the engine,carburettors and 5-speed transmission of my 1978 400GT...
    Thanks to the well-stocked warehouse of EUROSPARES, to Claudio's kindness, and to the speedy delivery of the parts .... (certain details that can not be found elsewhere) I can not be other than very satisfied for this great collaboration!"

    Hopefully this came across somewhat correct and does justice to Dedo's statement. I urge FChat members to drop him a line in italian and include him into the community - he has a lot to share :)

    Have a nice weekend,
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