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    Never a 'fun' experience, so it's nice when there's something good to say about taking care of the TEST ONLY / STAR Certified Biannual SMOG test.

    Peninsula SMOG took good care of my car during the procedure. The owner, Carlos, used to work at a nearby shop and has his own place now. The part I appreciate is you can discuss how to treat it. How to open the deck, doors, gas cap etc, and how to close so as not to dent or otherwise harm your precious machina. I always cringe with the immediate approach, "I know what I'm doing, just wait over there", and you see potentially damaging actions to force things because the Ferrari is an odd duck, so you rush over in a panic to control the situation. When the test is complete, Carlos will allow you to button it back up. I have to say, the driveway is not very friendly, and my car scraped a little. Have to approach with steep angle to enter. Carlos ran over with boards to help negotiate the steep entrance and was very patient with the process.

    Their spec's:
    2701 MIddlefield Rd #B, Redwood City 94063
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