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  1. David Roberts

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    Jun 5, 2019
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    David Roberts
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    I am trying to get one cap from the brake fluid reservoir for my 1980 400i Ferrari. I am also happy to buy the entire secondhand [used] reservoir if necessary.
    Also do you know what the item [A*] shown below, inside the glove compartment does?
    There is also a toggle switch which appears to have OEM wiring attached to it!
    Any clues???
    David Roberts

    Unit in glove compartment has A8 on it also antibrina valves and avian valves
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  2. Bill26

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    Bill Murdoch
    David, I believe I have the cap/reservoir you need if it has a black electrical (dual bullet) connector under the cap. I will check it and send you a mail but I am pretty sure that you can find the same cap from an ATE reservoir from another European car.


  3. rovexienus

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    Jean-Michel Savary
    Hello David, re. the unit indications, page 113 of the owner manual for the 1979 400i (manual 176/79):

    Central box
    X- A8:Anti-frost valve for twin air conditioning system.

    Z- A8:Thermo-time switch for start valve.
  4. SouthJersey400i

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    Ken Battle
    My '84 400i has a toggle switch in glove box which turns on the hand held courtesy light which has a coil-type retractable wire. The light was clipped in for storage just to left of glove box (LHD). Sounds like yours was removed but I do not have the controls you show in photo.
  5. Ashman

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    Sep 5, 2002
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    My 1983 with dual a/c was the same as Ken's except I did have the courtesy light. No controls or switches labeled AB or like shown.
  6. David Roberts

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    Jun 5, 2019
    Sydney Australia
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    David Roberts
    Gentlemen Thankyou! Solved my puzzles! Cheers from downunder

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