German 365 GT4 #17111 looking for history

Discussion in 'Europe' started by MaranelloGV, Feb 6, 2017.

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    I'm looking for the missing history of this early 365.
    The car was renovated by a German company Power Line. They offered the car for sale in 2013 as a first/one owner car. They maintained it since the 90's, but no history is included from before the 90's. It came with a duplicate (due to loss of the original) Fahrzeugbrief and there's also only one owner stated, unfortunately that owner passed away, so from him I can't get any info either. Power Line doesn't respond (so far) on my request about the cars history.
    It's dark blue car and it has been driven/registered in the Stuttgart area.
    Anybody who can help?
    Many thanks!
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    Hi Guy, have you also posted this in the 400/365 section?
    Beautiful car.

    Edit:- I see you have.

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