HOU Free Superamerica Roof

Discussion in 'Texas' started by mathewr, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. mathewr

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  2. BigTex

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    Man, despite the top panel that's a lot of parts!

    Check with Rifledriver, if he wants it I will throw it in my truck and deliver on next run to COTA..
  3. Ryan S.

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    Mar 20, 2004
    I’ll take it if it is still available? I’m in Austin but I can get it picked up in the next few days.
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  4. mathewr

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    Ok, you are first in line.
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  5. mathewr

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    Spoken for and picked up, thanks gents!
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  6. SCantera

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    Darn......I was too late to this thread. I am looking for a damaged glass SA roof. When mine failed and I had it replaced at the dealer they wouldn't let me keep the original. The new top was free so I didn't have any right to complain!

    I want to have a mold made out of the glass section and have a carbon fiber version made. That way as the glass roof becomes un-obtanium there will be an alternative fix. Wish Ferrari had made them from the beginning out of carbon fiber. Would have be no glass issues, and less weight resulting in reduced stress on the gas struts that ultimately fail.

    Mathew...if you ever run into another one I am in!!! Not sure if you remembered but I have been a customer of yours in the past.
  7. mathewr

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    Howdy Steve,

    I hope all is well! Yes I had the damn roof sitting in my garage since 2015 and listed on Ebay for a few years now. Zero interest so I decided to just list it for free. It was gone in 24 hours...

    Ryan S has it now but maybe you guys can work something out. (maybe barrow it and do what you need to do and then end it back to him?)

    Cheers, Mat

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