Final Bette with horses in front

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    I'm watching the C8 reveal right now (streaming through the Chevrolet Pressroom page).
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    Golden Steed
    The C7 Corvette Z06 is the single greatest sports car in history. It represents America: the attainable dream. You don't have to be a zilionaire to own one, and it will slap the piss out of all but the top European exotics at Laguna Seca. There is nothing anywhere near as good for $79,000 US.

    It is the last actual Corvette Chevy will produce.

    This new... thing... is not a Corvette. It's a suped up Corvair. I really think they should have changed the name to something else, because a Vette is a front engined car. You can't just throw out a front engined Porsche and call it the new 911, that doesn't make any damned sense.

    The C8 will out perform the previous cars on the track because of physics. Rear mid engine just works better in that environment. But as a livable daily, it will suffer mightily. I get that Chevy wants to compete with the big Italians. But this move turns the car into something it was never meant to be: an exotic. The Corvette is the every man's sports car. It's not supposed to be an unattainable dream, it's supposed to be the fruit of your labor.

    Today, a legend dies...

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