Ferrari oriented travel question--what's your ideal barn finder destination?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by bitzman, Feb 26, 2021.

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    When I was married to an airline employee ("marry me fly free") I traveled the world. Since I was a car writer,often I'd look for cars but never really imported one to the US. But I have read of many barn finds, here's some opinions, anybody got a new category or example that proves one of my opinions is right?

    -Islands. Often a rare car reaches an island. Even an enthusiast from the mainland passes on buying it since he doesn't want shipping expense. One famous British barn finder told me he flat cleaned out Madagascar.

    -Car racetrack-located towns. How many times has a newbie in sport car racing blown an engine or scared himself silly and sold the car right there out of he pits to a local. So operating on that theory Willow Springs must have a lot of treasures in local barns

    -Ex-Royal Family's Stompin' grounds--There's still the Brunei Royals who have 3000 cars including many bespoke ones. Maybe some country where there was a changeover at the end of a gun, like Iran, some people got some of the Shah's cars free before they put them in a museum

    Boom 'n Bust countries. I met the guy from Beirut who found the one off Chrysler show car after paying some kids to ride around on their bikes and report if they saw an interesting car; now I am thinking Venezuela, once prosperous oil producer, might have leftover collectables. I did hear of another Chrysler prototype found in Venezuela. For some reason Detroit automakers sold them to foreigners instead of Americans (maybe to avoid duties on ones built overseas)

    Resort towns--the most fun I had was peeking in repair garages in Cote d'Azur, but the older a resort town is the more it might have treasures from when it was a leading destination, thus maybe a town that was a formerly popular resort in the '30s, 40's or '50s. now not so much...
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