Ferrari F400i telaio 47589

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    Ferrari F400i telaio 47589

    I have recently bought the above car, which I believe has some connection with the Pininfarina factory.

    I have been given a copy of a letter, unfortunately undated, from D. Giordannio, Specialised Projects Division. It states that Pininfarina "modified this car on behalf of the Prince H. Jefri Bolkiah of the Royal Family in Brunei. The car was then shipped to the UK in 1999."

    I believe the car may have been converted in the late 80's early 90's, hence the 412 'look', with colour coded bumpers and rear view mirrors. I have been told that the conversion took over 2 years to complete and that the Sultan of Brunei's brother never had the car back - either because the conversion took too long, or perhaps he had started to have his celebrated financial losses.

    The car has only 5,700 miles on the clock and looks brand new. I have contacted the Pininfarina factory to see if they could confirm the dates and mileage, when it arrived and when it left their factory. Unfortunately no reply yet - Anyone got a good contact at Pininfarina?

    Simon Campbell (Simon C) of the Ferrari 400 Register has been a great help. He even sent me the attached pictures of my car, when it was for sale with Cars International, just after it was brought to the UK, in 2000. Simon believes the car was origiinally sent to the south of France - so do any French Ferrari owners have any more information?

    He also confirmed Pininfarina are only known to have converted one left hand drive car, telaio(chassis number) 73011.

    Any help with supplying information on this cars 'missing years', from 1983 to whenever Pininfarina or whoever converted it would be greatly appreciated
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    as Simon has no doubt already told you Autocraft did convert a few 400's in the early - mide eighties, indeed one owned by Pete Townsend (I think) cam up for auction at H&H a couple of months ago.

    if you want to try tracking them down I believe that Autocraft bought out AC in the eighties so you may want to try there (AC in Thames Ditton, home of the Legendary AC cobra (marketed by some woman in the states called carrol))
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    73011 is sitting in the dealer service area at the Ferrari dealer in Modena. I took a picture of it when I was there last month. Email me off list and I will send it to you (as the file is too big for me to post here).

    Nice looking car as a convertible.



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