Ferrari 400SA #1945SA & 250 LM #6119

Discussion in 'Vintage Ferrari Market' started by Timmmmmmmmmmy, Feb 5, 2015.

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    Two more for the Ferrari fans radar!

    1 - 400SA #1945SA is to be offered at RM's Amelia Island sale on March 14th with an estimate of 6 - 7 million USD. With 250 Cabriolet Series 1's selling at this level, it should make it over the line. Green is perhaps an interesting colour though?

    2 - 250LM #6119 has been sold by Kidston according to the notice on his website. No further details, if anyone knows more please join the conversation. AND lets see the haters try to make their claims about this fantastic car.

    So this year we have seen the following Ferrari's offered for more than $5 million;

    250 LM #5899
    250 California #1425
    250 GTO #3807
    250 California #2935
    330P #0818
    330P2 #0828
    250 LM #6119
    275 GTB/C #9079
    250 California #1011

    And its only just into February...........

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