Fake News about racing victories on a radio show

Discussion in 'American Muscle' started by bitzman, Oct 11, 2019.

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    On a popular radio show about cars on KPFK=FM I was surprised ehen co-host Dave Kunz congratulated his guest, a Ford official, on Ford's recent win at LeMans. I hastened to Google and found Ford has not won overall at LeMans since '67 wth a factory team and '68 and '69 with the Gulf GT40s.

    I haven't heard if they went back on a later show and corrected the mis-impression but in car circles I often hear adherents of this brand or that mis-representing their LeMans wins. A class win is not an overall win, no matter how much you want it to be....
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    I’m curious if the Ford official set the record straight (I’m guessing he didn’t)?
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    Rob C.
    That article is total garbage. LeMans runs 4 races at the same time where cars race to a rule set and 4 class winners are determined. The ‘overall’ victory is what people who know little about racing focus on and wildly discounts the efforts of real LeMans winners who triumphed in their class.

    I had this exact conversation with Mario Andretti a few years back. In 95 he won in class despite being beaten to the overall win by the McLaren. To this day few recognize him as a LeMans winner which he both is and has the trophy for.
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    If they won their class, then it’s a win at Le Man. Unless the host actually states they had an overall win, I don’t see how it’s an issue?
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    Agreed - I didn't listen to the interview and haven't followed LM closely. If Ford won their class, they won - period.
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    James Bookout
    I disagree. There were many years in the not too distant past where the LMP category had less than 10 entrants and the GT2/GTE category had 30. Especially in the years of Audi domination....2 works Audi R8/R10's and 7 or so other cars that had NO CHANCE. GT2 was where the REAL excitement was and it's certainly a LOT harder work to beat 30 cars than 10
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    you post a lot of articles from
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    with bizarre arguments supporting opinions (a totally wrong one with the class win issue here)

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