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Discussion in '348/355' started by ferrariwant2be, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. ferrariwant2be

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    Jan 14, 2008
    Being winter and all I had the urge to hear my own car so I turned to the internet...

    In my searches I found the following:
    "I know that some people have used different Brembo packages and been happy with them. I have a Brembo front kit from an F50 on my F355 (rear) and the Brembo kit for the F40 on the front. These brakes are a step above the Movit brakes but still below a six piston racing set from Alcon or AP. They are another $1500 more expensive than the Movits."

    Does anyone know this Jon K? And are there pictures of this car? The brakes must look awesome! The F50 uses CCM technology from Brembo and are similar to the 2009/10 ZR1 brakes and the GRAN TURISMO (GT) brakes used on many race cars.

    I'm not sure about the F40 brakes. 13" discs 4, piston brembos. I know they can be tricky to dial in.
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    So he has the front brakes off an F50 on the rear and front F40 brakes on the front, so that's 14" at the rear and 13" at the front; doesn't seem so right does it.......

    And I believe you are misinformed, F50's run cast iron discs as standard not CCMs
  3. Driftracer3

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    Jan 5, 2006
    They were called "F40" and F50" brakes back in the day, but they are no longer referred to as that. They may have used the same caliper, but thats it.
  4. ferrariwant2be

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    Jan 14, 2008
    Thanks for the correction on the F50 brakes.

    Regarding the sizes, the F355 has a larger rotor on the rear (12.2") verses the front (11.8") so I think it would be consistent to put the bigger stopper on the back. The F360 was the same front and rear (13"). And when the F430 came around it was the other way around with the larger rotor on the front (15") instead of the rear (13.8").

    Whatever the case his car must stop on a dime!... or shilling, or ruble, or whatever your coin is.

    ...which reminds me of my favorite picture of the F355 (because of the brakes!)
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    Are you sure that the bigger rotor in the back of the 355 does not have some other purpose, like providing adequate space under the backside to fit the parking brake mechanism? It is possible to have a larger rotor in the back of a car, but fit smaller pistons in the caliper to balance the brake torque output between the front and the rear. Check the piston sizing of the rear calipers you are considering and compare them to stock before proceeding further.
  6. ferrariwant2be

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    Jan 14, 2008
    I would love to be in the position of doing this very project but unfortunately I have a few projects that come first like sorting out the convertible top.

    One other mention about front/rear rotor sizing. Sport bikes have bigger rotors in the front (and dual!) and cruisers, at least Harley's, have a bigger rotor in the back. One could easily over-simplify by saying it's because of where the weight is but it's always much more complicated than that. So yeah, this project and the one I saw yesterday on this forum where a 550 rotor was used with a Porche caliper would require some serious testing and tuning. My hat goes off to those with the tenacity.
  7. eric355

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    Eric DECOUX
    Rotors size is not the complete story. Yes, the F355 have the larger rotors in the back (310mm vs 300mm in the front). They also have the same calipers and pads on the 4 wheels BUT they do have a proportionning valve (at least after 1996) which reduces the braking power on the back for braking balance.

    The 550 rotors with the Porsche calipers was a great set-up. I really enjoyed that configuration, especially on the track, and didn't feel the need to adjust the balance.

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