F360 sudden ASR cut-off (but engine keeps running at about 1200rpm)

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by HomersHK, Nov 22, 2020.

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    Hi there. Been driving my F360 spider in Hong Kong for about 1000km now (2 months). Last week while in a traffic jam suddenly (in a tunnel) the ASR came on. Engine kept running at around 1200rpm and didn't respond to the accelerator. I wasn't in sports mode. Managed to coast out of the tunnel. Turned off the engine, 30 sec later turned it on again and everything was fine. Been driving about 150km since with zero issues.
    Is this a typical Italian erratic issue or does this indicate sensor/other problems? Should I switch ASR off maybe when such issue happens again (only to get home, not as a permanent solution obviously).
    Furthermore; would it be wise buying an OB2 car diagnostic tool and check on issues instantaneously they happen?
    Appreciate suggestions! Thx
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    no, it is not a Italian erratic random issue. It shouldn't be like that.
    It is wise to buy a dao4 tong1 if you know what I mean. It is widely used in mainland china and I wouldn't be surprised hong kong shops/people have it too.
    its a few thousand hong kong dollars.

    After you have the diagnostic tool, check brake/abs module, 2x engine modules, and post the errors codes here so that we can tell u what happened

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