f355 GTB , best example worth today??..

Discussion in 'Europe' started by CarNirvana, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. CarNirvana

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    Mar 3, 2016

    Im hunting for a f355 for some time now and i found a very good example;
    early model with non airbag steering wheel, creme interior with darker red exterior, i think the colour called brilienta red.. not sure, we trying to find out)
    Obviously manual, 1 owner, less then 20,000km, full documentation and ferrari service.

    However, the price is accordingly.. I'm trying to negotiate for couple of weeks but it seams the seller is not backing down.

    Do you guys think the price for this models, specially the really clean and special ones will keep going up?

    how much would you think be a good price for a super mint example?

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    Hi CarNirvana
    welcome to the board.
    It might help if you post your location. The market for Ferraris around Europe is different.
  3. jochem00

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    Jun 19, 2014
    It is like asking if the stock market will go up!

    I personally believe that the prices are at or have had the highest point.

    in Europe I don't see any 90's ferrari moving anymore for the top prices. and I actually see a drop at prices recently.

    Why do you want to buy the car you are interested in? and why were you able to negotiate for weeks? is nobody else interested in that particular car?
    If these cars were really that special, they won't last for days, weeks or months at the seller.

    I sold my F355 to a dealer last september who thought to make a profit. he put 20k euros on top of my price and recently dropped the price by 10K as it has obviously not been sold amongst others.

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