For Sale Extraordinary original 1961 Morgan 4/4

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    I imagine there are some British car enthusiasts here on Ferrari Chat who might like first shot at a really unusual and authentic Morgan. I owned this car a few years back and sold it to a friend. Now he’s selling his collection and I’d like to help him find a good home for it.

    Here’s a link to my SmugMug file.

    What you see is an authentic and original 1961 Morgan with under 4,000 documented miles. Yes, I meant to type four thousand. Every record from day one, and correspondence before, is there, as well as the original Dunlop Road Speed tires. I’ve had British cars since 1973 and have never seen anything else comparable. It is a study in careful preservation. The only changes known are a repaint in the original crimson, later addition of the optional tachometer, and clever mechanisms to reduce tension on the top bows during top installation.

    The Morgan is in Maryland and will be offered in the mid $30k range. I think if I bought it back, what I’d do is better paint (presentable but the panel mismatch is hard to miss) and not touch anything else, at all, ever. Please PM me for more details. Thanks!
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