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    The "European Ferrari Club 400", dedicated to the Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2, 400 and 412, was created in 2006 and is right now expanding all over Europe. The web site,, will soon be translated in English and German, but you can already leave them a message in the “contact” page, they do speak English.

    The club is the first organisation really focused on updating the image of this fantastic car. They have tons of accurate datas, and benefit from the large experience of the members.

    You will learn, among other interesting information that times are changing: the time when the car was bought by “without money owners” has gone in Europe. Members are offering their car some expensive rebuilts, and like this Swiss owner, leave their Daytona and 456 in their garage when they can have a ride in their 365/400/412. Or like this French man, who already owns a 365 and a 400, is able to pay 87 k$ for a low mileage Ferrari 412, mechanical gearbox.

    Whether you own a 365-400-412 or not, you are welcome to contact them!

    I attach some pics made in Switzerland in October 2010.

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    What a fantastic array of the series! I don't think that any of the contemporary factory photos ever showed that many 400 series cars all in one shot.
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    I'm looking foward to the English version of this site.
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    Ken Battle
    I contacted the site because there was a car the same color as my original paint and I have not seen another that color. I got a response overnight. With a great picture of the car on the Place de la Concorde. On the subject of cars, French is not so tough.....
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    great picture, i was visiting switzerland at that exact location two weeks ago of the first picture..Nice casino right there>!>
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    Me too
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    brett swaykoski
    great pics, great site, great thread...

    and i'm happy to say, the fact that i get to drive a host of newer Ferrari's day in and day out over the last 5 years has only increased my love for this model.
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    this site is welcomed and what i need. as to the french version try the google translate icon, it works
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    David, I've been a huge fan of the French 400 site every since I happened to come upon it a few months ago. I think you doing a bang-up job and really helping to raise the bar so-to-speak with regard to the model. Please keep at. I enjoy returing to the site to view all the updates.
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    Hi Gregg,

    Thank you for your message. The leading team of the 400 Club is highly motivated and I am sure we will go on doing the best job we can. This fantastic car is worth it. The job will be completed when we launch the english version of the website. Yesterday we solved some technical matters and the site is now fully on display ( some pages were missing in " Tout savoir sur la 400 "). I hope you enjoy it!
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    Jean-Michel Savary
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