Discussion in 'F1' started by El Wayne, Aug 3, 2015.

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    Not really, please take the feedback from users and raise it as a defect. Same thing for the ignore function it’s useless it masks the post of who you ignore but the ignoree can still troll u. Maybe there is a way we can raise those as a wish list? Whether they are addressed is another thing but it would be nice!

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    The ignore feature has its limitations and the moderators have reported them to the developers. When we might get a fix for that, I don't know, it's out of our control as fellow members who volunteer to keep the site pleasant.

    As for moderation history, why would you want to track it? So you can weigh up the consequences of breaking a rule to decide whether the satisfaction is worth it? Instead, you should take responsibility for yourself, moderate your own behavior, and you won't get banned.

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  4. Natkingcolebasket69

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    Simply because for instance you have different moderators and different ways to ban.
    Based on the rule below one would want to know if you have had a thread ban, which thread, how long for, what was the category you ban fell
    Under : spoiler alert, trolling etc.
    You would want to of course be accountable for your behavior but also to know hey one more strike you are out kinda of thing. My 2 cent of course ;)

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    L. Wayne Ausbrooks
    I appreciate your support, but these "new guidelines" are sold old that the moderator who originally posted them has since retired. :)

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