Door key blanks?

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    How does one tell if you need a key code 2, 6, 8, 0, etc for the door keys? The blanks all look the same to my eye, but it seems this "code" makes the keys slightly different.

    My door key is an ilco copy. The key numbers say: F91C8 F72V I'd like to get a factory blank but not sure which one to get.
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    I'm not sure if this will help but I just had a couple of door keys cut & the blanks were SILCA AF4C.
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    Brian White
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    Ok, so I did a fair bit of research on this and I wanted to report back for the future benefit of others.

    So here is a chart I made up based on the Ferrari key blank numbers and part numbers for each of the common aftermarket key manufacturers. This should help anyone get new door key blanks for any late 60s through 95 Ferrari. But for me, I needed this to replace my aftermarket Ilco door key with a Ferrari factory blank.

    Ferrari SAFE Taylor Ilco Curtis Silca
    Code 8 8100-8307 F72V F91C8 FT32 AF4D
    Code 6 6100-6307 F72W F91CR FT33 AF4C
    Code 4 4100-4307 F72X F91C FT34 AF4B
    Code 2 2100-2307 F72Y F91C2 FT35 AF4A
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    I'm resurrecting this thread and adding some info for the benefit of others and so I don't loose it.

    My resto 1977 400GT came with no ignition, door, or accessory keys so I've hunted down a set of generic Silca blanks for the locksmith to sort them all out. Stuart who runs Keys 4 Classics was a massive help. He sent me several varieties of each key so I could determine the correct profiles for each lock. I returned the ones I didn't need and paid for the ones that worked. I'm reasonably local to him, so I don't know if he offers that level of service to buyers outside Australia, but you never know where a friendly email will get you. Also the keys blanks below may named differently on his site or not pictured, so it's worth asking.

    Keeping in mind that every Ferrari has the potential to be completely different, the Silca blanks he had that worked for me were:
    Ignition - NE9A
    Doors - BW3
    Glovebox and boot/fuel levers - AF4B
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    When I bought my car the PO could not find the keys but had the two digit code from the owners manual, after getting the key cut and testing it only worked for the doors, luckily the shear bolt for the ignition hadn't been sheared and I removed it and was able to move the car. After taking the ignition barrel to the locksmith it was found that it was a different key type (ie: NE9A) and not BW3. They cut me a new key and all good.
    Roll on two years later and while working on the rear brakes I noticed two weird boxes stuck to the underside of the guards, imaging my surprise when I found two complete sets of keys in magnetic key boxes, one was the original Neiman key with the original code.
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    Right you are.
    Ignition, door and glove box/boot lock are three different keys.
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    WOW.....lucky as hell man. Amazing story.
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