Does Raymond Picasso do "professional" designs? Have any real caes been built to his drawings?

Discussion in 'Creative Arts' started by bitzman, May 12, 2020.

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    This is a question for pro car designers and custom car tifosi:There is a website called Deviant Art and the big star there is Raymond Picasso, I think 90% of his drawings are just slammed (lowered) cars with humongous wheels and tires but, every once in a while, he hits a home run with me, like this Silver Cloud drophead coupe, as good as any car I've seen, say from Hooper back in the day (judging on side view only). My questions are: 1.): Does anyone in car design feel he shows talent? and
    2. ) have any real cars been built to one of his designs?
    I am getting the idea from another site he has called "Big Daddy Caddy" that some real cars have been built to his drawings but those could be Photoshopped too...
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