Do you enjoy track racing? Support the RPM Act to preserve motorsports...

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    If you enjoy competing at the track and want to protect your ability to keep doing it, read on...

    The EPA has been ruling that it is illegal to modify street cars for track racing *and* that it's illegal for manufacturers to produce parts to modify street cars for such a purpose. Their rulings have to do with emissions, but SEMA and the Motorsports industry oppose these rulings as it can severely limit or even even kills entire sectors of our motorsports hobby, especially those at the higher levels of competition.

    The RPM Act is a bipartisan bill introduced that protects motorsports actors from these EPA rulings.

    1.) Here is a link to SEMA's webpage on the issue.

    2.) Voice your support of the RPM Act by completing the form here (also linked at the bottom of the above SEMA page):

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    this has been kicking around for years now and nothing seems to ever come of it, thank god. im not worried, yet
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    i would be worried. this is where its all heading
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    will do and i obviously support our cause but this always comes up around sema time and then goes away. i think the aftermarket industry just gets nervous. i dont necessarily blame them either.

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