Dino Saga 081214 _ Christmas and Car Port

Discussion in 'Corbani's Corner' started by John Corbani, Dec 14, 2008.

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    Dino Saga 081214 _ Christmas and Car Port

    Starting to feel a lot like Christmas. Saturday was cold and windy. Nothing like what was going on back East but a little extreme for us. As usual, the weather man was wrong. He predicted rain, nothing much about wind or cold. We got the clouds but no rain. The wind was 15 – 50 with gusts up to 70. And cold. Maybe 54 as a high headed down to 45 at night. Good day to build a fire and set up the Christmas Tree. I was able to get the stand on the tree from a sitting position and that was about it. I was pooped. All the lights and ornaments were in the basement so Candi had to do all the heavy lifting. Had eggnog, brandy, whipped cream, nutmeg and plenty of glasses. Invited one of my sisters to come over and help Candi. I sat by the roaring fireplace, supervised and took pictures. Worked out well. Nice tree.

    Interesting to watch the car port work in the wind. It was right in back of the Christmas tree and always in the line of sight. The cover is tight over the frame and has an airfoil shape. There is no fluttering and a lot of lift. The perimeter frame is tied down at the four corners so they don’t move up and down. The center of the 19 ft tubes will move as much as four inches up and down. Some gusts will give an S curve. Up and down at the same time. Movement laterally is very little. Drag has got to be way down. So far so good on the welds. The current cover is an extra heavy silver one. Over 5 years now and still pretty good. Blue tarps last about two years if you are lucky. Same for any other color except silver. The metallic pigment blocks the sun. The plain colors just absorb sunlight, get hot and the fibers are destroyed. The low rise at the peak of the roof and the silver color minimize the intrusion on the view out of the windows. I devoted a Saga to the car port construction a long time ago. Here is a link if you are interested in more details.

    Have never gotten a Christmas card from a shop before but a nice surprise showed up in Friday’s mail. Seth and his crew at MasterCraft Motors have impressed me on the last two jobs. Looks like there is a Ferrari shop in Santa Barbara again. And they care. I copied the card and posted it for all to enjoy. The car is surely a Ferrari even if it is not a Dino.

    Calm and sunny this morning, clouds and wind after lunch, be interesting to see what we get tonight. Prediction is rain. Still cool.

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  3. BoxerCrazy

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    Douglas A Hunt
    Merry Christmas John to you and your family!!!!!

  4. 2GT

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    Merry Christmas, John! Keep that Dino lust burning! Fred
  5. Crawler

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    That tree looks terrific, John. I got mine put up yesterday as well. Will post pics here when I get the chance. Saturday night was pretty cold here in SC, so I had a fire in the fireplace. It has warmed back up since then.

    I spent Saturday at the Roebling Road circuit near Savannah watching the VDCA (Vintage Drivers' Club of America) races. A really interesting collection of old (and not so old) racing cars driven by real enthusiasts. No Ferraris, unfortunately. Very laid-back atmosphere, like going back in time. Weather was cold but sunny. I'll post some pics of that as well. Didn't take the Dino as I had piled on quite a few miles the previous weekend with the Columbia jaunt (Roebling is about a 250 mi. R/T). Rode in comfort in a friend's Jag XJ8 instead. Nice car.

  6. BigTex

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    Merry Christmas John, to you and yours...

    I got my tree delivered this weekend and a few stockings too!

    Gotta get busy with decorations myself, got the outside done though....:D
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  8. Crawler

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  9. Crawler

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  10. gcmerak

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    Mar 17, 2008
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    George C.
    Merry Christmas John. Wishing you and yours the absolute best of everything!


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