Dino Saga 081123 _ Donna’s Catalog

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    Dino Saga 081123 _ Donna’s Catalog

    Fun having Donna and Raymond here for a long visit. They have been busy this last year. Donna is painting like crazy and Raymond has worked a way to turn her designs into sculpture. They just got the first copies of Donna’s catalog. High quality printing, magazine size. Raymond searched Amsterdam and finally found a printer who would do 4 color on heavy glossy paper from digital media. Everything is done at 300 dots per inch. Raymond did the photography and laid out the pages. Took a month or so to get the colors to come out right but it could be done. Donna is going to do a talk to her old high school and I photographed the catalog so she would have a CD that could go into the school’s digital projection system. Should work pretty good.

    I had never done high quality photography of Donna’s colors before. Trying to match everything turned out to be tricky. I finally had to use raw sunlight to match the catalog. No other light source worked right. Raymond must have gone nuts and driven the printer nuts to get those colors. I am posting 4 of the shots to give you a feel of what they did. First shot is the cover. Next two are two pages opened. Four out of 34. Final shot is top of the back cover. Her Web Site is The idea is to leave the catalog with galleries in the hope of getting some wall space. So far the reception is good. This Dad is proud of his daughter and her husband. They and their work are very special!

    It took 10 days but the SB News Press finally got a decent map of the Tea fire. Thanks for the interest you have shown in us and all who live in this wonderful place. I took some photos of the SBNP map and they follow Donna’s pictures. A lot of folks from around the world have vacationed here and wonder how things came out. The fire was started by embers from a fire that some students had built that morning, in a No Fire zone. They thought they had everything out and left. But 12 hours later a North wind started blowing hot at 70 mph and an ember woke up. The start was near the marking for East Mountain Drive. About 200 structures were burned. Westmont College was hit hard but classes will be going next week. St. Mary’s Seminary and Retreat is gone. Some of the burned houses were on unstable ground and can not be rebuilt. Most everything else will be rebuilt. In 5 years no one will be able to see anything wrong.

    I sure hope that the daily papers and the TV stations have enough sense to get a decent map of the city and use it the next time a fire hits. While the fire is still burning. It WILL hit and we will be better prepared but there still will be losses. Be nice if the media would prepare too. For now, the sun has been out and temperatures have been in the high 70s. No wind. Perfect for Donna and Raymond. Their home in Zandvoort has been cloudy, rainy and in the high 30s. We will just have to make do. The Dino is running fine. Later.

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    Very nice work by your daughter; she obviously has a lot of talent and a very supportive husband. Best of luck to her in her chosen career.

    Lots of motor racing history in Zandvoort, some of it tragic. I believe the track is still there, though considerably shortened from the old days.

    Glad the fire is out. Hopefully the mudslides won't be too bad when the rains come.
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    Stylish and polished, very nice!

    Hey, she's wearing proper shoes - must be the difference between father and daughter!
    j/k :)

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