Dino Saga 080928 _ Wheel - Spindle Fit

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    Dino Saga 080928 _ Wheel - Spindle Fit

    I have mentioned problems with front wheel centering and have asked whether anyone else has had the problem. No comment so I thought I would try to find out what has been going on. I fixed the problem with my Gottis but wondered why no one had problems with stock wheels. I still didn’t know why my Cromodora spare fit on both ends of the car. I still had the spare to play with so started to measure things. It only took a few seconds to make sense. And I didn’t need any measuring tools to find out.

    The center hole in the Cromodora is stepped. Inner diameter fits rear spindle, outer diameter fits front spindle. Rear spindle is short, front spindle is long. Diameter difference is more than 0.30”. You can notice that size step with your bare hands.

    I have spent all my wheel time studying the Gottis and their bores match the rear wheel spindles. All 4 bores, all the way through, front and rear. I have always had a problem balancing the front tires. It depended very much on by whom and how the wheels were put on. Nice and easy to start and then tighten in a cross pattern is usually good. Quick with a circular pattern is worthless. The wheel was centered by the bolts. The balancing machine centered on the bore. Lots of room for error.

    The guys down at Wheel Concepts suggested sleeves for the front wheels. They could turn them out of plastic or aluminum. No plastic! Brake disks and wheels get HOT. If they had some aluminum tubing, price was $25. If they had to start from billet, $50 each. I bit, aluminum under any conditions. Naturally there was no tubing but no problem making a pile of chips out of billet. Length was not critical so we figured something close to 0.50” would be good. My tires usually last 25,000 – 35,000 miles and I seldom get flats from road debris. The sleeves would hardly ever be bothered so wear would not be a problem. Would never be seen so finish would not be a problem. Once out of the lathe they were done. The guys put sleeves on both front wheels after the wheels were rebuilt. So far so good. Feels fine at 120 mph so centering and balance are not too far off.

    I pulled the left front wheel, took a few pictures and measured the sleeve.

    Outside diameter, flange 2.845”
    Outside diameter, body 2.655”
    Inside diameter, body 2.285”
    Inner flange chamfer 45 deg. x 0.10”
    Outer flange chamfer 45 deg.
    Length 0.49”

    Another mystery solved. Might be useful to anyone looking at non-stock wheels. Measure both front and rear spindles, on YOUR car, before figuring what the bore or bores should be.

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    Nice post. Unfortunately, I've seen this a lot. After market wheels are not married to the hub diameter and that is a mistake; they need to match or as you did, made to match. Must be a good shop that did it on the spot for a reasonable price.

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    Your brake discs appear to have uneven wear.
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    Very good!

    We have had much the same issue with the repro 16" wheels on our 308GTBs...nice find you made!

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