Dino Saga 080907 _ Maybe a Clock

Discussion in 'Corbani's Corner' started by John Corbani, Sep 7, 2008.

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    Dino Saga 080907 _ Maybe a Clock

    A while ago I got a PM that woke me right up. A Dino owner from the UK was on his way to his winter Florida lodging and asked if I wanted a clock that might be adaptable to my Dino. He had bought it sometime in the past and the work required for conversion was a bit much. All I could say was WOW, yes! I am still burning over the fix and then breakage of my clock many Sagas ago. Maybe the combination of two clocks would get one running. Well worth the effort. A few PMs later all was settled and my mailing address was in the UK.

    Stephen Shoubridge arrived in Florida in the midst of the Hurricane season and remembered to bring the clock. Got it on UPS with Three Day Delivery and I got it on this Friday. Put 12 volts on it and it Ran! Looks like it has my internals except that the setting is at 12 0’clock rather than 6 and the bezel is different. Someone had started to take the bezel off and it looked fairly easy. I worked around the edge and after 180 degrees everything came apart. Glazing is perfect. Looks like the dial is reversible if I put a mouse hole below the 6. Don’t know how running upside down will affect the accuracy but will find out.

    Housing looks just like mine at first glance. Now I will go pull my clock and make sure I can get my bezel to match the new housing. I cut the bezel off my old clock and tinned the edges of the cut. I put the bezel back with a wire soldered across the cut. You can’t see the wire because it is below the setting knob. Will be easy to take apart, just unsolder. Hope the main housings match. I don’t want to take the new mechanism out of its housing if I don’t have to. If all I have to do is pull the hands, rotate the dial, replace the hands and attach my old bezel, life will be good.

    I have not had to really fix anything on the car in a long time. This should be an interesting week and I will take pictures as things progress. Thanks Stephen. Till next Sunday.

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    Great gift Stephen!

    While the face is generally reversible, I have found that adapting the "mouse hole" on the face will be the difficult part when I did this on both my Maserati Bora and my Ferrari Dino's Veglia clocks. While the face is circular, it has a small tab extension on the face that extends to accomodate the mouse hole for the set shaft.

    Removing the mechanism is easy, but you should not have to - just remove the bezel, remove the hands and use a flathead screwdriver to remove the two face retaining screws. When you attempt to rotate the face 180 degrees then you'll see the protruding tab from the edge of the face that accomodates the through shaft and knurled set knob.

    Then again, you might be able to clip the small tab to make it fit and add a hole on the opposited side for the shaft.
    I look forward to seeing your progress! Call me if you need any parts



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