Dino Saga 080615 _ Wheels and Pill Hill

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    Dino Saga 080615 _ Wheels and Pill Hill

    Made another nice run down to Wheel Concepts in Newberry Park and picked up the right front wheel. Looked good and guys were great swapping the spare over to left side and mounting wheel back on right. They found some separation of my silicone and the original seal ring. Right front has been dropping about 5 lbs a month for years. New bolts, silicone and no rubber seal ring should do the trick. Nice and shiny now. Left the left front wheel for rework and had a slow ride home. Graduation Day on a Friday. Bad combo. Took an hour to get from Carpentaria to Santa Barbara. Only took an hour to go all the way down. Oh well. Lots of idling and no problems at all. Cooling is fine. Fans both go around. NGK plugs never missed a beat. Iridium plugs really are magic.

    Had a chance to talk to the guy who does the straightening. Turns out it is all done by hand, no big tools. He has lots of fixtures and a batch of little hydraulic rams. Just works them as required for the specific divot in the wheel. No sliding of tools against wheel so final clean-up is easy. If chunks are missing and are non structural then the TIG welder fills with aluminum as required. Final part of rebuild is truing to hub centric so wheel is really round and can be balanced anywhere. Guy has a full machine shop and can make anything you want. My front wheels have never centered on the hubs, only centered by lug bolts. Always have a problem balancing. He suggested making sleeves for the front wheel hubs. Turns out that there is plenty of room and that would be a great idea. He will make up two and put one in the left front. Other one will go in the right front next week when I trade out for the right rear. Back hubs fit back axles just fine. Sleeves are turned from billet aluminum and are very reasonable. Two wheels down and two to go.

    Beautiful day on Saturday so took a little ride back toward the mountains. Had not been up on Pill Hill for a while so decided to ride up and see what was new. Used to visit a buddy who had a home up there and views were spectacular. They are still building at the ends and down the hill a ways. Gets very expensive to move enough dirt for a house and there is nothing but big houses up there. Oh well, it’s just money. Had some good steady rests so did some wide angle shots and then went telephoto for some details. That kid’s play house and the yard around it look new while the house has been there a while. I imagine the irrigation is in but nothing much planted yet. Once they start, it will take 1-2 years to look as lush as the houses on the north side of the hill. Darn near every tree has it’s schedule fouled up this year with the alternating hot and cold months. Everything that can flower is trying to get it’s act together. Makes it nice riding around to see the result of all this confusion.

    Enjoy the pictures, Should have 3 shiny wheels next week with the last one in the mill.

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    The new wheel shines in comparison to the stock one.
    Forza Corbani!
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    My favorite Dino owner! I Love seeing the pictures and stories you post.

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