Dino Saga 080518 _ Beautiful Day

Discussion in 'Corbani's Corner' started by John Corbani, May 18, 2008.

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    Dino Saga 080518 _ Beautiful Day

    Wheel Concepts got the wheel back together and found another hairline crack in the middle of the inner spinning. Couple more days to take apart and TIG weld. I am happy they found something. I have been puzzled how the big crack happened and why the continued stress concentration in that one area after my original repair. I’d like to be watching as they play with the 3 pieces. So far, clean and polish everything. Not too bright. Then straighten big lumps and bulges and scrapes. Finally assemble and true everything to hub bore. A specially modified lathe for the final pass. Polish again. Paint and clear coat for the finishing touch. I like the little touch of gold around the lug bolts. They will replace. Everything takes longer if it involves a Ferrari. Got to have patience.

    We just got the first hot spell of the summer. Summer is supposed to start in April in Santa Barbara and we were getting disgusted with the wind and the cold and the fog. Washed the car and went for a drive. Jacaranda trees are having their third Spring and it is neat. First Spring was in November when the Jonquils bloomed. Second in March but then the cold winds came. This time the trees might decide enough is enough and get some leaves after the flowers drop. Car looks better than last week. Sparkles are back.

    Getting harder to wash car now. Stage 4 lung cancer for last year and a half. Been stable since Christmas, 4th chemo try seems to be working. Have to stay on oxygen and don’t have much stamina anymore. Have to wash half the car at a time and take a little sit-down in between. Figured out how to keep the process simple and quick. We have nicely processed genuine Southern California water and while it is OK to drink, the mineral content is sky high. You can’t just hose the car off, use raw water with car soap to get spots, hose again and dry. Spots are hard and final hose rinse is bad. Dries to a white haze no matter how you dry it.

    I do the first hosing to get the loose and heavy dirt. Then switch to a half bucket of filtered and softened water with a half cap of Turtle soap. This sheets nicely and spots come right off. Then rinse with plain soft water, no soap. Dry with a real chamois and done. Have to be in shade and early is better. Hot days here are always with low or no humidity. Comes out fine when done. Going to try some DI water for the final rinse some day and see what happens. Maybe no dry? Have to rig up a little electric sprayer and see.

    I can drive fine, just can’t use any large muscles. Large aluminum oxygen bottles last all day with a demand regulator. Little bitty bottles last 1-2 hours so mobility is good. Big tank of liquid Oxygen in house lasts all week and with a 60 ft string I get around fine. Finally have a chance to take advantage of those Handicapped parking spaces and it is nice. Even with my portable oxygen I can’t walk very far and being up front is welcome. Extra wide spaces will probably do wonders for the car sides too. Fewer dings.

    Enjoy the pictures.

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  3. ronrob

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    Ronald Brown

    I don't have a Dino (just a common 355). I live in the S.E. France and I would just like to say how much all your posts - on a myriad of subjects - are so well written, so well expressed and all that, with so much passion. I know that I am only of literally thousands that feel the same. You are clearly a man of great character!!

    Bon courage as they say in France.

    Ron Brown
  4. daviddavid

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    May 17, 2005
    Hi John, (from Ireland this time) Just want to say I really enjoy your posts & sagas too. I saw the pictures of you at Bella Italia carrying the oxygen, but I figured it couldn’t be anything serious given that you always seems so driven, enthusiastic and busy with your Dino, your business, skiing and everything else we are lucky to read about. You are a real inspiration and I look forward to reading many more sagas from you. Your photos of Blue Sky California look fantastic as always. Wish I was there! Keep the Revs Up, Best, David
  5. Island Time

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    You're posts are inspiring, grounding, and relaxing...

    Thanks, always lookin' forward to 'em, (searched and read quite a few also;))
  6. greg246

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    Seeing how much you seem to pack into your life, I just assumed the tanks meant you were running on nitrous :D

    Those pics could have been taken anywhere in Sydney. Just about every house has a Jacaranda tree :)
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  8. abstamaria

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    Feb 11, 2006
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    Yes, indeed. Thank you from Manila, John.


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