Daytona Spyder prices

Discussion in 'Vintage Ferrari Market' started by 400SPYDER, Sep 18, 2004.

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    That explains it. Opening doors? Holy makro! The difference is not just in the cosmetics, whoa!
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    If you were selling yours, would you let a potential buyer drive it over railroad tracks, at speed...? :)
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    John Leaman
    In the UK, the price gap between the best Coupes and OK converted Spyders is quite narrow - about £95,000 and £110,000 respectively.

    The big money goes on original RHD Spyders (7 made), which are about £285,000 - the price of a very good 275 GTB/4 over here.

    Multiply by 1.75 for Dollar equivalents...!

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    Bill Badurski
    Yep, I certainly would. A test drive should be thorough, and in this case, the situation warrants it as this is one of the things to watch for. Another is to put them on a lift and then try opening the doors. Some chassis sag so badly the doors don't open and shut properly.

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