Daytona Replica based on F400

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    Here is a post that I made in the UK section about Daytona Replicas:-

    Given the massive cost of an original - Coys quoted me £430,000 for theirs !!

    Whats the concensus on these replicas ?

    Are they ever OK - even as a 2nd Ferrari?

    This one just 'sold' for £13k

    This one - which I thought was the better car is still available.

    Which prompted this response:-

    Originally Posted by andrewg
    Having toyed with the idea of a 365gt/s4 rep myself as a runabout, I found the easiest and authentic way would be to buy a crusty 400 / i (current value 2-3k) and re-body with a fiberglass rep body, that way you've got the correct(ish) running gear just a different body, and you'll have stoped one more 400 from turning into a pile of spare parts and scrap, there was an article in the FOC news a few years ago where after a small fire somebody did this to an early 400 with very good results

    Anyone know anything about this particular replica ?

    Anyone know anything about where you get the bodies from these days?

    And where do you get a 400 for £2-£3k??

    Cheers Kevan
    See you down the road - with huge grins on all our faces

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