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Discussion in '360/430' started by billboboy, Feb 2, 2020.

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    Will L
    I am currently researching the best way to get some basic data logging into my '02 360 Modena for track days. The basic data I'd like to prioritize:
    throttle position, brake pressure, steering angle, wheel speed

    I found this thread:

    According to RaceLogic you can't get any useful data off the ODB2 (ODBii) port, and prefer to hard-wire into the CAN bus. Anyone found otherwise for track data logging?

    It looks like the way to accomplish what I need is to get a dedicated data logging system and all of the sensors wired in independently from the vehicle's CAN bus system.

    Anyone had any luck with an AiM Solo2 DL or the like in their 360?

    AiM options:
    EVO5 data logger:
    EVO4 data logger:
    Throttle position:
    Brake pressure:
    Steering angle:

    Wheel RPM and throttle are supposedly available on the CAN bus but would have to be spliced in.
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    360Trev might have something for you here... I understand he found a backdoor that Bosch left in the engine ECU firmware that allows you to monitor all engine parameters in real time at an exceptionally high data rate.
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    Thanks for the heads up Robin.

    OK, first and foremost, most data logger manufacturers know very little about specific cars. They simply don't do enough research and development. Probably work involved doesn't justify their costs.

    There is absolutely tonnes of data you can pull back in realtime from these ecus if you know how. And by the way you don't need to buy tonnes of kit either...

    Pm me for more information. Just on a phone right now but when I get in later I will elaborate further.
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    360trev, is there anything you can post publicly here? I have the same question - I'd love an easy way to log basic data from my '04 360. I have a logging solution using OBD2 but the update rate is awful. I'd love a (cheap!) way to log from the CAN bus or other direct connection.
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