D-type Lap

Discussion in 'British' started by mcimino, Jul 8, 2017.

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    OMG... people on the road! YIKES!
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    This is ,probably the most famous piece of TV motoring history. Set up by the BBC during a weekday prior to the weekend,while the main roads are still available to anyone. Remember,Jaguar drove the D Types to Le Mans,no flashy transporters here,so quite in order to use them on the 'open road' .The film is well known to any Jag fan. Closer to race day,in 55,or perhaps 54 Duncan Hamilton was pulling 175 MPH down the Mulsanne when a frenchman on a bike,returning home for his lunch,rode straight across the road,without even looking either way. Duncan managed to slip past with nothing but a ***paper between them. The Frog survived.....he was probably deaf,and never knew what had passed him by.!

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