Curious about how fast your car can go in a way that won't get you arrested?

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    Hello all,

    New to your Forum but have owned Ferrari's for a couple years. I have a 430 spider and a 458.

    Ever been curious about the top speed of your car and realize the highway is not the place to get it done? Maybe you have thought about doing the big public half mile events or mile events like Texas Mile. Well I thought I would pass this event along as I really enjoy it and the organizers are looking at adding new participants.

    If you have ever gone to a huge public event....which I have.....they can be fun and a hassle at the same time. Have you ever thought, this would be a lot more fun with less cars and maybe a longer runway so I can see what my car can really do. Well this is an event I go to a couple of times a year At Mojave Air and Spaceport in Mojave, CA. A group called Runway Racing puts on a limited field 25-30 car event that runs a 1.5 mile course down the beautifully paved runway at the Spaceport. This is where all the commercial spacecraft companies are like Virgin Galactic and Space X do their testing. The next Runway Racing Event will be held on Saturday September 23rd with tech being the day before at the Mariah Country Inn next to the airport. Field limit of 30 cars so first signed up gets the slots.

    Timing is done by state of the art laser timing system. They use the same timing as the Texas Mile. As you can see by the time slip we get three speeds from the run on a time slip, the 1/2 mile, 1 mile and 1.5 mile speeds. This really adds a lot to the event and lets you gauge your performance in multiple ways. In addition unlike most public events they now allow you to take passengers. Passengers must be 18 or older and are required to fill out all the same waivers as the driver as well as have all the same safety gear as required for the driver. However this allows you to have your family and friends participate with you in a way they never could before. And you think that they look happy when you have taken them for a ride in the past. Well take them down a runway at full throttle and you are talking a whole new thrill.

    There is also a website .....which allows online registration and payment for events. This event has been running as a word of mouth invitational for 5 years but now they are looking to expand the field. It is and always will be a boutique event. 25-30 cars max. Unlike a public event that can have 150-250 cars and you only get 3-4 runs a day you will run your car all day long almost at will and you will tire out before your car. I did 14 runs in our Ford GT and my friends and I made 21 in my Aston Martin and we stopped racing by 3pm last time.

    So if you have any interest in running this type of event in a small very personal setting that allows you a much better experience than a public event feel free to visit the website and contact the Runway Racing staff for further information.

    Here are a couple of vid links and pics from the last event to give you an idea of what to expect.
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