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Discussion in 'Travel' started by chet, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. chet

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    Jun 9, 2007
    Hi--I am thinking about taking the family to Cuba at the end of the month. Children are 17(f) 14(m).

    Anyone have any suggestions for places to stay in Havana? Deciding between an Airbnb or a hotel/beach resort.

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  3. max930

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    Apr 16, 2017
    The easiest way for the first time visit, is book an all inclusive package. Here is the best operator out of Canada:

    The problem with an Airbnb is if its a registered casa. If its not a government sanctioned rental, you could be visited by the secret police, not fun with your family. Especially if you don't speak Spanish. Hotels offer the first time visitor a better experience.

    Air Transat has flights out of Toronto as well. It auto detected I was in Vancouver, hence the packages in the link are out of here.
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  4. Jon Von Bon

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    Feb 8, 2015
    Toronto / Florida
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    Here’s the best suggestion that you will ever hear about Cuba.
    DONT GO! Food is Chit, people are beat, beaches are over rated and Hemingway’s haunts are super depressing.
    Fake old cars with 4 bangers in them.
    They don’t even wait until you’re hammered to water your drinks down.
    I had to go there for a friend of my wife’s wedding a few years ago. I luckily avoided it until then.
    If you’re for socialism and defund the police etc... then you should definitely go and get an education. Probably one of the best places on earth pre ‘59 and you can see that. Castro really Fncked that place up.
    Looks like circa ‘78 Lebanon.
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  5. Drock28

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    Jan 13, 2013
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    pretty funny your signature says " attitude is everything', because you have a pretty shiit attitude lol..

    yes cuba has bad rep for the food. but obviously you probably went to a shiit resort.

    if you go to a good resort, Cuba is fantastic and I have been several times. the last 2 times, to the same resort because it was great..
    if you go to a $500, 1 week all inclusive, yes its going to be shiit... minimum for a good Cuba resort is $1300+ all-inclusive

    so your shiit, first time to Cuba bad experience, does not mean Cuba is shiit..
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  6. energy88

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    Jan 21, 2012
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    Longer term, the safest way to visit Cuba is via a cruise that allows you to sleep and eat on the ship. However, I don't know if any reputable cruise lines are yet again addressing that venue given the virus.
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  8. Jon Von Bon

    Jon Von Bon Formula 3

    Feb 8, 2015
    Toronto / Florida
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    Glad you like Cuba. I’m not at all surprised. Some people love Cuba and my comments were not meant to offend any of our Cuban Friends. It is a great country with massive potential ruined and in despair. The people I have stuff in common with and the ones risking their very lives braving treacherous, shark infested waters in over loaded barely sea worthy vessels to leave there would agree.

    My signature says “Altitude is everything”. If you look closer, you will see that it has an L strategically placed in the word LOL. .

    I was in What they told me was a high end place in Vero Dero And aside from the food being crappy, I wasn’t impressed by anything else. Since it was my wife’s friend I was being courteous in staying longer than I could take it. But as the earliest opportunity presented itself to get the Fock out of there, I took the first available jet out of there to Havana as she had booked us there for a week. I booked us into the Grand “whatever” downtown (apparently the best hotel in Cuba) and again the Hotel itself I would say was a legitimate 4 star hotel (not 5 star as advertised) with decent amenities but the food again sucked. I toured all over the place to kill some time , fishing, some tours, night life and basically feeling sorry for the cows I was eating.
    Obviously, pre Castro the place was glorious judging by the architecture, much of it long since destroyed and over grown by vegetation. I left the place wanting to punch every college kid wearing a Chez Guverra shirt in the face... hard....

    I’d rather spend $7000 for 4 days in Bermuda any day than put up with any cheap Cuba holiday.

    Be nice Drock... I love you.
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