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    Chris Parr
    About 12 years ago I took a group of Ferrari friends from Kansas City down to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for a weekend in the mountains. We had a great time and the seed was planted for the creation of Crescent Classic.

    A few years later, that same group of friends attended French Quarter Classic, an over the top, formal, wild and crazy (and very expensive) Ferrari event in New Orleans. It was great fun, but I had a different idea of what owning a Ferrari was all about.

    When I first started planning Crescent Classic, I knew it would never be a French Quarter Classic. Certainly the premier Ferrari event in North America is Cavallino Classic in Palm Beach, but Cavallino is a concourse, and with the exception of the track event, it is not a driving event, and no one could ever do a better Ferrari concourse than John and Alicia Barnes.

    I wanted Crescent Classic to be something very unique, a casual, fun, celebration of Ferrari's as they were meant to be enjoyed, on a twisty open road, thus Crescent Classic was born.

    I had someone recently say they did not know if I needed their "business" referring to if they could register for Crescent Classic. Crescent Classic is not a business, it is a private event put on by 4 Ferrari enthusiasts for the enjoyment of other sports car enthusiasts. We do this simply for the reward of watching others experience the roads, the cars and the friendships of Crescent Classic. Each Crescent Classic officer donates countless hours and significant individual financial support to make Crescent Classic fun and affordable.

    Guest Drivers

    I have met so many wonderful people that I would have never had the opportunity to meet because of Crescent Classic. People like Tom Hnatiw, Peter Klutt, Derek Bell and Alain de Cadenet. I am excited that Justin Bell will be attending in 2012.

    Cavallino Classic

    I remember the first time I went to Cavallino Classic, I had just bought a 355 and I was on top of the world. If you have never been to Cavallino, it can be a humbling experience when you see the vintage Ferrari's on the lawn at the Breakers. I am not ashamed to say it was a little intimidating! However, as I spent time at Cavallino Classic, I learned that it was not about the cars at all, it was about the passion for Ferrari's. As I returned to Cavallino Classic each year, I made new friends and understood it is truly a place for all Ferrari enthusiasts.

    John and Alicia Barnes own Cavallino Magazine and Cavallino Classic. As we started Crescent Classic 8 years ago, I immediately begun to respect the effort they put forth each year to create Cavallino Classic for all of us to enjoy. It goes without saying that Cavallino Magazine is the most respected Ferrari publication in the world, and truly the ultimate recognition for any Ferrari event would an be article in Cavallino magazine.

    In 2011, I felt like Crescent Classic had earned its stripes, and I summoned all my nerves to invite John and Alicia to Crescent Classic. I was never so honored when they accepted my invitation. John and Alicia were a great addition to Crescent Classic in 2011. In 2012, Crescent Classic has been honored with an invitation to have our awards dinner at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, we have invited John and Alicia to return to Crescent Classic in 2012, I hope our friends from Palm Beach will be able to return!

    May - June Issue of Cavallino Magazine

    My dream was realized when Crescent Classic was featured in the May / June 2012 issue of Cavallino Magazine, and yes it is already framed and in my office. I encourage you to get a copy and read it, I am so proud that the humble Ferrari event in Arkansas put on by Scott Ashcraft, Doug Crews, Stu Schlemmer and myself was featured in Cavallino Magazine!

    I am extremely grateful for everyone that attends Crescent Classic, I have made some incredible friendships that will last a lifetime. My passion for Ferrari's (and all cars) is not unique, it is shared by many people.

    Ferrari of Denver

    We could not put on Crescent Classic without our sponsors. Ferrari of Denver has been incredible, providing not only financial support but by providing technical support and cars for our guest drivers. The best part of Ferrari of Denver, for me, has been the friendships I have made with Bill and Phyllis Stewart, Mark and Amy Dismuke and Jeff Hocker and certainly Jody Hocker. Ferrari of Denver just completed the restoration on my wife Dana's 246GT Dino, she can't wait to drive it at Crescent Classic this year!


    Rob Lay with Ferrarichat was our first sponsor and he continues to provide unlimited support on We could not do this without Rob Lay's support and generosity.

    Ferrari Market Letter

    The late Gerald Roush, with the Ferrari Market Letter, was planning on attending Crescent Classic before his untimely passing. In his place, Chad Ensz has attended Crescent Classic the last two years and become a great friend and contributor to Crescent Classic. The Ferrari Market Letter is now an official sponsor of Crescent Classic. Incredible, we are honored.

    Crescent Hotel

    The 1886 Crescent Hotel, our host hotel, provides marketing and financial support for Crescent Classic, we would not do Crescent Classic without the Crescent Hotel.

    I hope you see the trend here, Crescent Classic is about friends enjoying cars and the open road. It about celebrating the passion that is everything Ferrari.

    Crescent Classic has allowed me to fulfill my dreams of sharing the passion I have for automobiles.

    I am truly the luckiest (Ferrari) man in the world...

    We look forward to seeing you in Eureka Springs in September!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


    Christopher Parr
    Ferrari Club of America
    913 271 4427
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  3. David Lind

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    Nov 19, 2008
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    David Lind
    I have never been in your event,but I have driven those roads in my Mondial 3.2 and in my Europa Twin Cam. They are absolutely stunning and exhilirating. One day, when the time, money, and car-being-ready lines intersect, I hope to participate in your fine event. (I'm in central Louisiana, for heavens sake.) Until then, have fun and be safe!
  4. rcm360

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    Nov 16, 2003
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    Congrats Chris! I know the overall passion you have for Ferraris and Crescent. I knew when you first started Crescent it would be a premier event.

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