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    Have you been wondering what is being planned for Crescent Classic 2013?

    Scott Ashcraft, Doug Crews and I have been working on some significant improvements to Crescent Classic 2013!

    If you have not registered, you should be aware, registration is nearly full for 2013!

    Garmin Crescent Classic Rally GPS Units

    In June, we reached an agreement with Garmin to provide technical assistance for Crescent Classic 2013. What does this mean to you? In the past, we have used printed rally maps for the Rally Routes for each day and we will continue to offer those, but with the help from Garmin, we are the first major Rally in North America to offer the latest and most sophisticated Garmin GPS units that are pre-loaded with each day's Rally Route! No more looking at books or trying to read a map as you are going through the mountains at speed!

    Garmin has provided these units at very discounted pricing to Crescent Classic at a price of $340.00 each. These units must be purchased at the time you register and will be delivered to you at Crescent Classic. Remember, you must have a 12 volt American style cigarette lighter power source. If you have already registered but have not purchased a Garmin, please email me and we will get your order. Registration closes on August 10th so get your registration in now!

    Crescent Classic Paddock Club

    Crescent Classic has a new event! On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings we have created the "Paddock Club", the Paddock Club is located in the parking lot in a huge tent with a Ferrari theme, a cash bar, snacks, music, custom lights, two lounge areas and other surprises! The Paddock Club is simply an over the top party each night from 10:00pm to midnight, let the parties begin!

    Crescent Classic 2013 Guest Driver, Brian Redman!!

    Ferrari of Denver and Crescent Classic 2013 are proud to announce Brian Redman is our guest driver for 2013!

    When recently asked why he chose racing as his career, "It was the only thing I ever did that I could do reasonably well," Redman said.

    Redman raced reasonably well - if not great - nearly everywhere he went, regardless of the track, racing series or type of car. He competed in Formula racing, open-wheelers, Can-Am, IMSA and FIA, driving for a wide variety of famous factory teams such as Aston Martin, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar and Porsche.

    Though he often found himself bouncing from team to team and series to series, Redman stayed in one place long enough to win the Formula 5000 championship three consecutive times from 1974-76. He also won the 1981 IMSA Camel GT title, and was part of four World Manufacturer championship teams.

    That was followed by Redman's three consecutive Formula 5000 championships, during which he beat out the likes of Mario Andretti and Al Unser. Unfortunately, that was followed once again by a terrible wreck, this time in Montreal, where he suffered a broken neck, sternum, ribs and shoulder.

    "It took me a year to recover from that," Redman said. "I really didn't know whether I could or even wanted to drive again. I was living a great life raising cattle, horses and sheep. But I was running out of money." So naturally, Redman got back on the track. And naturally, he started winning again, picking up five victories on his way to the 1981 IMSA Camel GT championship.

    After that, Redman split time between racing and operating a Porsche dealership in Jacksonville, Fla., until he final retired from the professional circuit for good in 1987.

    Despite all the physical hardships and emotional tragedies associated with his racing career, Redman said it was fun while it lasted. Even though it lasted much longer than he ever expected.

    "Looking back on all that, it was a romantic era, but the cars were very dangerous," Redman said. "There was very much a feeling among the drivers of eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die. After every race, no matter where you were in the world, there was an enormous party because everybody was just so happy to still be alive.

    "We had some really great parties, but I understand the parties at Crescent Classic are incredible, and the drives have the reputation as some of the best in the world, I can't wait for Crescent Classic! Derek and Alain have talked so much about it, I am honored to be invited."

    Here are a few highlights of 2013!

    Ferrari of Denver Reception Wednesday September 4th

    Crescent Hotel. Bill Stewart and his wife Phyllis with Ferrari of Denver will be our hosts.

    Ferrari of Denver has been our Title Sponsor since 2010 and we are honored that they have committed to returning to Crescent Classic in 2013. Meet our Featured Driver, Brian Redman and enjoy live music, drinks and an incredible selection of fine foods as you get to reacquaint yourself with old friends and make new friends that share your passion for great cars and fun drives!

    Michelin Rally Thursday September 5th

    This rally will appeal to drivers of vintage as well as modern sports cars. We will drive to the Ozark Cafe for lunch on some of our most favorite routes!

    Thursday Evening Art Gallery Tour

    with New Orleans Marching Jazz Band.

    We will drive our cars down to the historic district and be led by a New Orleans Marching Jazz Band up Spring Street to numerous Art Galleries to meet with some local artists and enjoy some wine.

    After the Gallery tour we will return to the Crescent Hotel and meet back up with our Marching Jazz Band and take a stroll to an artist's home and gallery for dinner.

    Ferrari of Denver Rally Friday September 6th

    Brian Redman will lead our Rally on Friday, we will travel on some of our favorite routes to Mt. Magazine, the highest point in Arkansas for lunch at the Mt. Magazine Lodge.

    After lunch we will return to the Crescent Hotel.

    Holy Super Hero's Batman!

    Friday Evening is our theme party, and this year the theme is SUPER HERO's and animated cartoon characters! Yes, you can be Batman or Superman or the Pink Panther, or Winnie the Pooh or Speedracer or Jessica Rabbit or... you get the idea! If you thought the Disco party was fun, this will be crazy! Great music, great food and drinks!

    Ferrarichat Rally! Saturday September 7th Hosted by Rob Lay. From the Crescent Hotel, the Eureka Springs Police Department will escort us through the Historic District as we begin a fast, fun tour to War Eagle Mill for breakfast at this 1800's mill and then return back to the Crescent Hotel.

    Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

    2:00 pm Crescent Classic has dedicated an afternoon to displaying our cars at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas.

    Brian Redman will be our featured speaker for the evening.

    The Ferrari Market Letter awards will be on Saturday evening at the Crystal Bridges Great Hall reception and dinner.

    Formula One Watching Party Sunday, September 8th

    Passport Transport is the sponsor of our Formula One watching Party and Breakfast on Sunday Morning! Get up early and lets watch Ferrari win the Italian Grand Prix!
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