Count Volpi Interview + Selling his 3 Serenissima cars

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    Oct 10, 2004
    Count Giovanni Volpi, prominent in racing from mid-fifties to mid-sixties and who commissioned the Breadvan, is interviewed in conjunction with auctioning his 3 Serenissima cars (never owned by anyone but him). Wonderful and fascinating stories of his era. e.g. He "loaned" the Breadvan to a pal (Giovanni Agnelli) who needed a ride home. When Count Volpi arrived next day at Agnelli's mansion near Monaco to retrieve his Breadvan; the "borrower", as a joke, had painted the Breadvan black because he thought it resembled a hearse.

    The first pdf is an impressive catalogue for just Count Volpi's 3 cars to be auctioned at RETROMOBILE 2019 on or about February 07, 2019.

    A second pdf in a following post will have full details of the 3 Serenissima cars.

    Now, let's' see if I can manage to successfully upload the pdfs
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    Oct 10, 2004
    pdf for above post

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    pfd description of 3 Serenissima cars

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    Strange to find one photo published there of which I own the copyrights since 15 years now.....
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    Nice documents in PDF thanks for sharing.

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