Colorado Exclusive License Plate Auction

Discussion in 'Rocky Mountain' started by corey1, Oct 6, 2019.

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    I wanted to share some info about a new program from the state of Colorado and upcoming exclusive personalized license plate auction next weekend at Vehicle Vault in Parker. There will be an opportunity to bid on plate configurations that haven't been available before and it kicks off next Saturday. There will be online auctions scheduled in November and December and I hear there will be exclusive Ferrari plates coming available to bid on, keep an eye out. All proceeds go to benefit the disabled community of Colorado.

    Here's what happening next Saturday, Oct. 12th, 9:30am.

    The FAST 5 LIVE Auction at Vehicle Vault plate configurations will be: M3, MCLAREN, 911, BENTLEY, C8

    A separate Online auction for 20 plates is running October 1st through the 12th.

    Links to Facebook and Twitter:
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    This should be the theme song for the auction:

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    Do you have mustangs ?

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