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Discussion in 'Challenge Club Racing Championship' started by fatbillybob, Dec 6, 2015.

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    CCR has a championship separate titles for 355/360/430/458 correct? It looks like there are 6-355's and 6-360's and I assume not every car makes it to every race. So to increase competition is there any thought given to equalizing 355's with 360's and run them for a combined title so you race against 12 instead of 6? Or is the CCR goal to keep the "challenge" car unmodified and period correct regardless of the number of entries?
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    I think their goal is get higher turnouts in all classes keeping mostly stock. It is possible, they had 45 Challenge cars first event ever. They also have a great new manager in Joe Foster. Maranello Cup will take some of their cars though. Norwoods switched to Maranellio Cup, I think about 6 Ferraris running with Porsches this weekend Sebring.
  4. RotarySwingGolf

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    There were 5 cars that competed and seven total at the event with a few others that say they are going to run maranello cup but had prior engagements. My guess is that CCR will be a pretty small field next year

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