CCR Abarth Challenge launched the sees and calendar for 2014 Championship

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    Congrats to all Abarth CH owners,Finally we did it!!!

    The Scorpion Class

    Introducing the Scorpion class of the 2014 FORZA's Tifosi Challenge. In the Scorpion class Abarth spec racing cars are paired with Historic Ferrari Challenge Cars in a North American championship series. It is the revival of true gentlemen’s racing in the most exciting Italian machines. It is a throwback to the beginning of sports car racing by successful, well-schooled, well dressed, and often titled amateur sportsmen. The series revives the era when sports actually involved sportsmanship, and the rules of motor racing were like an unspoken knight’s code. Race hard but race clean. Salute the man who overtakes you. Console the driver you overtake. To hit another car was a dishonor. The series is for fans of Italian racing machines that wish to experience the excitement, thrill and lifestyle of an elite racing series, at an extremely low cost.

    In 2014 the Scorpion class will be a spec racing series where gentleman races will compete in identical Abarth challenge race cars in a 5 event, 10 race championship and have extra 2 test events (no races) at the most legendary race tracks in North America. Including:

    1. Circuit of the Americas, Austin TX (March 1-2,2014) championship
    2. Daytona (April 10-11,2014) test days
    3. Sebring (May 8-9,2014) championship
    4. Grand Prix of Houston (June 27-29,2014) championship
    5. Road America (July 23-24,2014) championship
    6. Watkins Glen (Aug 29-31,2014) test days
    7. TBD (oct 12-12 or 18-19,2014) final championship

    Abarth challenge cars are built from 2012-2014 Abarths. Cars are stock street cars that have limited modifications for the suitability and safety of wheel to wheel racing. A competitor may bring their Abarths to an authorized CCR conversion shop, or can build their own according to CCR specifications.

    Convert my Abarth:

    The conversion of your stock Abarth costs $12k. The following are shops that are authorized to convert Abarths. Completed cars will be delivered with a Challenge Car Registration which will certify it for CCR racing. These race shops will also provide arrive and drive support at CCR events:

    1) ANSA (786)344-6498 Alain Nadal

    2) IFS (508)-238-4224 John Tirrell

    Build my own.

    Competitors may convert their own Abarth with a CCR conversion kit. Conversion kits come with everything necessary to convert a stock Abarth into a CCR challenge car. Part costs are subsidized by our sponsors and this represent an outstanding value. Conversion kits include the following:
    • Safety Cage
    • Carbon Fiber racing seat
    • Electrical cut off
    • Tow hook
    • Safety net
    • Racing wheels 17”
    • Adjustable shocks
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Six point harness
    • Stainless steel brake lines
    • Racing brake pads
    • Racing springs
    • Timing transponder
    • Front/rear bonnet pins
    • Decals

    Optional: second seats, radio, camera

    Official Abarth Challenge website:
    FORZA Abarth Challenge | FORZA Abarth Challenge

    for additional info,please contact:

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  3. 4re Nut

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    Very cool! The tagline should be Get Stung! :D

    On a related note, if anyone that converts their Abarth is willing to sell (or donate :D) the factory original steering wheel please let me know. I have a Sport and I understand it is a direct swap; please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.
  4. redcar1

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    Will we race on the street tires like we did NOLA?


  5. YuliaHoughtaling

    Apr 15, 2013
    New Orleans
    We going to send Abarth to Pirelli to test wheels (16" or 17") and tires. Im pretty sure it will be 17", the question is if it will be enough time to ship tires in US…

    Hope I will have good news about tires in next couple weeks or so, in worst case scenario will be run on street tires like in NOLA))

  6. WJHMH

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    Great to hear, I'll be in Austin for the race.
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