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    Fighter ace Francesco Baracca was born on May 8th, 132 years ago. He was credited with 34 kills and was KIA in June 1918. Why is he relevant for this forum? His mother is the person who suggested that Enzo Ferrari used the Baracca coat of arms, the black Cavallino Rampante, as the crest on his own race cars.

    After the countess Paola Baracca had gone to congratulate Enzo Ferrari on her victory at the Circuito del Savio and had made this proposal to him, at the beginning he was hesitant to put the Cavallino on his cars. In the end, to make her a pleasure, he resolved to do so by inserting it in a coat of arms, replacing the white background with the yellow one, the color of Modena. And the rest is history.

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    Apparently there isn't any documental evidence of that story, so it could have been fabricated by Enzo Ferrari. But it doesn't make it less interesting anyway: all legends have some part of fiction, and Ferrari knew it.

    The same applies to the discussion between Ferrari and Lamborghini.

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    Thank you for this poignant reminder.

    I wonder how many new Ferrari customers are aware of this heritage ?

    Ofcourse there is also a small prancing horse in the Stuttgart emblem of my Porsche cars, but it lacks the elegance of Enzo's Cavallino !
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    Years ago I was on a tour of the Porsche Factory and the tour guide stated emphatically that Ferrari stole the Prancing Horse from Porsche. He didn't like it when I told him Enzo Ferrari used the Prancing Horse on his Alfas in the 1930s well before Porsche even existed - to which he replied well then Ferrari stole the horse from the city of Stuttgart.
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