Car Fiction:Found Rich Taylor's Book The Ferrari in the Barn; any more recommendations?

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    The Ferrari in the Barn and Other Stories. Out of print for over a decade, it's available on eBay for as little as $5.00, It was written by Rich Taylor, a former managing editor of Car & Driver . The Ferrari in the title is an old Testa Rossa, be interesting to find out if the fiction story is based on a real car. Taylor is also a licensed shop owner and has restored cars, prepared race cars, etc. The book has some of those boy-did-we-raise-hell-in-college stories, some sports cars on the track racing stories, at least two more on street racing near New York city, and all of them hold up well to a modern reader.

    I will am trying to order another book that looks like a comic book (going by the cartooney cover) called Car Sinister, which is unaccountbly priced as high as $130 on eBay, Anybody read that? I am guessing the stories are more fantasy, more Twillight Zone-ish.

    I have no explnation for the high price because, if automotive fiction was so highly sought, every automotive publisher would be publishing some and they aren't. It is a ategory they studiously ignore.
    I wish I could find an anthology of Ken Purdy short fiction (he supposedly wrote 35 fiction stories). He was an articles editor at Playboy. But the only two books I can find by him are non fiction.

    If you have any other automotive fiction to recommend, I'm all ears...

    Any other recommendations for anthologies of car fiction?
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