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    Jul 12, 2012
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    We are excited to present our next special for F-Chatters!

    There is only 1 of each car cover available in stock so act FAST! And don't worry if you aren't close to the dealership, we can ship the car cover and book straight to your door!

    430 cover with seat and steering wheel covers - $960
    430 spider with seat and steering wheel covers - $1005
    430 outdoor cover - $2170
    599 GTB indoor cover -$830
    599 Outdoor cover - $1610
    458 italia indoor cover - $600

    Any car cover purchase includes your choice of any 1 of the following books:
    Portraits by Jesse Alexander
    The Ferrari Phenomenon by Matt Stone and Luca Dal Monte
    Ferrari Grand Prix Moments, F1 Photographs 1954-1966 by Jesse Alexander
    25 Years of Calender Images by Gunther Raupp (only 2 available)
    Ferrari: 60 years of Technological Innovation by Karl Ludvigsen
    Ferrari PanAmerican 20,000 by Ferrari SPA

    If you have any questions, please let me know! The outdoor covers are gray, and the indoor covers are red.
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