Can babies have too much protein? Are there dangers?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by F355 Fan 82, May 10, 2020.

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    Jul 22, 2006
    The reason I ask is bc we have 2 twins that are 7 months old now and we've been mostly cooking them real food vs the packaged food we bought at first. We bought a homia dansa and steam then blend everything for them.

    What I've noticed is say a chicken breast is 54g of protein, when we put it in the steamer with carrots and sweet potatoes it yields say 3 jars which comes out to 18g of protein per meal. The chicken packets we used to buy at whole foods would have 5g of protein so home cooked is nearly 4x as much.

    The sites all say a baby should have 1g of protein per lb. These boys are now only 18 lbs so that would mean 18g of protein per day? Thats what comes in 1/3 a chicken breast not counting any of the formula or fruits and veggies.

    Im pretty meticulous about writing down all Im feeding them and when I add in the chicken or fish cooked at home its leading to pretty much double the daily recommended protein intake. I could just go back to feeding packets but Id rather cook all their food as I've read baby food packets cook at high temps and take out all the nutrients.
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    Don't you have a pediatrician?

    I for sure would prefer to get my advice on how much protein is too much protein from him, not from a bunch of yahoos here on FC.

    The short answer, however, is apparently YES. Little kidneys can't process too much protein, so you need to watch their protein intake, especially important if they have reduced kidney function. Although, different doctors seem to have vastly different opinions on this.

    Disclaimer. I've only posted what the internet (Mostly the Mayo Clinic) has to offer. YMMV.

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  5. F355 Fan 82

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    Jul 22, 2006
    I don't want to be one of those parents who calls the doctor for every little thing. We just saw her for 6 mo vaccines and wont see her till 9 months. I imagine most of the world parents cook at home for kids vs buying expensive packaged food. See on a nutritionist says babies can have 30-45g of protein per day as long as its protein from good sources

    "The studies highlight one crucial detail: The only type of protein associated with faster growth and risk for excess weight was dairy protein, found in milk, cheese, and yogurt. This seems to mean that excess protein from meat or vegetables is off the hook.

    So how much protein should your baby or toddler eat? Overall, experts suggest that a maximum of 15 percent of all energy should come from protein for children from 6 to 24 months. This translates to 30 to 45 grams per day, depending on the energy needs.

    The good news is that the recommended intakes of protein established by the Institute of Medicine and followed by the American Academy of Pediatrics are well below this limit: only 11 grams per day for babies from 7 to 12 months and 13 grams per day for toddlers."
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    You are a good Dad and definitely a quant! I never looked that deeply into the food my kid ate. If I ate it she ate it. I guess if I did not die it was OK? She is still alive as a functioning adult. That's not advice just what her mother and I did. The docs are all hurting because they can't go back to work except for urgent stuff. 95% docs today are doing telemedicine. They are hurting for bucks so give your pedo a call and ask. She will be happy to hear from you, make a few bucks off insurance, and probably have so much time on her hand that you will have a very pleasant conversation and learn a few new things on baby/toddler nutrition.
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  8. F355 Fan 82

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    Jul 22, 2006
    Right? With all the negligent parents in the world Im sure there's worse things out there than feeding the kid too much fish/chicken lol.
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  9. TexasF355F1

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    Make sure to check the mercury content of the fish.
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  10. Natkingcolebasket69

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    Ok I got twins and 10
    Months old. The rule is 10g of protein per year; so 10g till they are 1, then 20 after.
    Super simple. My wife did a lot of meals herself and u will notice the package food is low on protein
    Compare to what u would make at home. Reason is they can’t digest well all that protein.

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