Bianco: Avus, Italia or Fuji??....

Discussion in '458 Italia/488/F8' started by RCorsa, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. macherie3622

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    Apr 11, 2018
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    It’s stunning!!
    Love the Bianco fuji in the night.
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  3. Rory breaker

    Rory breaker Karting

    Apr 17, 2017
    The overexposure of pearl in the Fuji paint is what’s so special about it. Top 3 IMO. At night it just looks pearlescent it’s so overdone in a good way.
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  4. plastique999

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    Nov 9, 2008
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    Wow more pics please!

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  5. Nelsonc275

    Nelsonc275 Formula 3

    Sep 27, 2013
    Bianco Fuji with Bordeaux leather and charcoal alcantara details on the interior. All carbon is red as well.
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