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    Hello all. My name is Garth Wittmann. New here. I currently own an 04' Porsche Cayenne Turbo, 06 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, and a 06' Cayman S (my baby!). I was a BMW M3 guy for a couple decades before the Porsches. I know many of the Ferrari enthusiasts in the St. Louis area go to Sydney Devries at Kudos Performance Auto otherwise known as Luxury Import Auto Repair in St. Peters. I purchased the 04 and 06 Cayenne Turbos last year because I wanted something fun to drive for my small business. I own Zenith Survey Solutions in Richmond Heights..All that being said, I had used Reid Vann in the past for my 06 Cayman S, but I was looking for another mechanic to work on the Cayennes. After talking with Syd at Kudos, I was a believer..He told me about his 08' Cayenne Turbo tuned to 1000hp and that the Cayennes were his specialty.. He also mentioned other cars that he owned like a 2016 McLaren 650S, BMW B7, etc..And of course he had a 360 Spyder on the lot. Long story short I had him go over both Cayennes and repair anything that needed it, along with "custom performance tunes" for both, etc. He had my vehicles from Sept. of 2020 until December of 2020. Repair bills came to $14125.51 for both. About $7k each. Once it got warmer I started checking everything out. First thing that jumped out was that the APR diverter valves that I paid about $500 total for, were clearly still stock. From there it was a downhill nightmare. I had both vehicles inspected by another shop to see what had actually been repaired. Tom Bradley of Bradley Moter Werks, did the inspection and it was shocking. The total amount of fraudulent charges for parts and install that were never done is currently over $6500..And that is just the stuff I can prove.. And it was obvious stuff, like 10 breather hoses, spark plugs, etc..I'm in the middle of disputing the charges with my credit card company, filed reports with the Attorney General, BBB, Federal Trade Commission, etc. Come to find out, the only LLC Syd ever had was for Kudos Performance Auto which he intentionally terminated in January of 2020, despite continuing to do business the entire time. This is a breach of his business license in St. Peters. They have been informed. Kudos Performance LLC has at least 2 UUC filings against him with the Secretary of State from Snap On for non payment. He has blocked all my attempts to contact him. I have everything documented if anyone would like to see. I'm still in shock.. Looking to see if I can file criminal charges against him. If not, then civil filing will have to do...I have a ton of documents should anyone be interested. I have included just a few..If you check Yelp, you will see similar experiences.. I'm a car guy through and through.. I just don't want anyone else to have to go through this nightmare..
    Fraud, Liar, Thief.
    Sorry for being a bummer.

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