Best place to buy carpeting (in a roll)

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    Hi all,

    This winter I am going to remove the "upgraded" tweeters that were installed next to the speakers in my kick panels. I want to buy a roll of the tan carpeting so I can remake the covers.

    There are several of these factory ones on eBay but they are the wrong color and I would like to stitch my original speaker leather back into the new carpeting.

    Where do you recommend buying carpet? I would also consider new floor mat/carpet too but there is a wild fluctuation in cost for these. Not sure spending more means you "get" more.

    I'm all ears. FINALLY have the car running pretty well, now time to tidy some things up this winter.

    Grazie mille,
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    I bought a Wilton wool carpet set from, I believe they're called "GH&H" many years ago. It took me a full Thanksgiving holiday weekend to install but the quality is great and the speaker leather was perfect.


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