Wanted Bentley Arnage Green Label or T no garage queens

Discussion in 'Other Cars' started by Bradwilliams, Apr 9, 2019.

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    Hi guys,

    I've been looking for one of these for about a month now. Just missed out on a great deal on a 99 green label with 80k on it, all paperwork, nice clean driver by ONE DAY. I was getting ready to make the plans to go down and buy it and the seller sold it within 24 hours of me contacting.

    Anyway, I'm looking for a higher mileage (60k and up) Arnage T or Green label (no red labels) NO BLACK INTERIORS or Black Exteriors. Beige, tan, cream, white, red interiors, etc. all welcome. 1999, or 2002-2004 T

    Looking to do 3-5k miles a year in it so I do not want garage queens or low mileage cars.

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    contact John Temerian at We Are Curated (Supercar Guru on Fchat)

    he can probably help with a search.
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    curious - why aren't you interested in red labels?
    The green has the old BMW engine; the T has the more powerful (and traditional) 6.75liter that the Red also has.
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    reds have the shoddy head gaskets and block bolts inside. So even if I were to buy one with the issue fixed, it will happen again. I don't have a lift. If I did, I would buy a red label, get a machined upgrade of the head gasket in metal made from scratch, and do it once and for all. But I don't have a lift, so that only leaves those two models. I'm not paying 11 grand to have the motor pulled and have the gaskets done for the second or third time. Id prefer a Seraph, but the front of the arnage is 4x prettier IMO.
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    That guy is a piece of garbage. He bought that car for 10,500 . Previous owner was a decent guy, car was all there just had one bad turbo on it. I called the original seller the morning after I spoke with him and told him I'd come down to get it. We agreed on $13k the night before. The ebay seller above (also parts cars which is most likely what will happen with this car) went over earlier that morning, bought the car, and had it for sale on ebay that same evening. He's also lying and misrepresenting the car. He knows about the turbo issue but is listing it as having no issues, and even had the nerve to lie to me about it when I contacted him. The cars is worth 11-13k. Previous owner had it for sale on ebay 4 times with a 15k ask and no action over a two year period. This flipper/car parter will not sell it for 13k, so the car is going to get parted out. Sad.

    I'm not planning on selling the E38 anytime soon. I got my moneys worth out of it and have owned it for over 5 years now. If somebody offered me 10 for it I may let it go, but I doubt that will happen with the mileage. Car runs drives, and handles like a BRAND NEW CAR. The cost of making any E38 for sale out there into my car will cost roughly that amount alone, So I cannot in good conscience sell it for 3-7 grand. The motor and the engine are cherry, and I can easily get another 8-10 years out of the car. I have about 18 grand total in the car at this point, and that's with a $7k purchase price. This is why you see so many basket case cars out there. Even the low mileage garage queens are terrible buys. The people that have the clean sorted cars have invested a ton of time and money into them and are not going to give them away for free.

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    I know it! :)

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