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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Peter, Aug 26, 2019.

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    A head's up to those that are going to renew soon under the new changes.

    FYI, I've found BCAA to concisely describe the new scheme very well:

    ICBC's official info on this is here:

    Now, my 308 is registered as a Collector car and comes up for renewal on Sept. 5th, so I decided to get this out of the way this weekend. The broker I used deals with Hagerty insurance, so the ladies there are familiar with the car and the plan. Not sure if it made a difference, but the process went very quickly and as she pointed out, nearly all of her Collector car clients list no other drivers, so it sped up the process.

    The new papers don't list your claim-rated scale anymore. Only what's called "Combined Driver Factor" and that is the key to this new set-up. If it's only you driving the car, obviously it's 100%. In my case, I'm the only one driving and my magic number is "0.540"... Whatever value that holds.

    As for the cost? Having that "Unlisted Driver Protection" on your policy is free and is your basic "cover your a__" (my term, not their's). Result? Well, it's somewhat true what ICBC had said in their advertising and what was reported in the news that some drivers may save money. I did. A big fat $6 worth! Yes, six bucks. Last year it cost me $208, now it was $202 (keep in mind, this is only the third party liability coverage through them with a Collector policy. Vehicle coverage is with Hagerty [substantially more]).

    Also note that in previous years, if you had "Uninsured Motorist Protection" coverage, it was a blanket policy that covered all of your vehicles but now it must be added to each.

    If your Ferrari is not Collector-plated, it may be a whole different ball game, so can't speak for that.
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