BAT tool kit and manual set

Discussion in '206/246' started by rbsloan11, Mar 13, 2020.

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    Seller appears to be Leonard G, I've bought stuff from him for over a decade - has an eye for Dino stuff
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    The Seller is Theo Winstone (aka 6carb), not “Leonard G“.

    Theo is a good guy that has an amazing skill at finding cool vintage Ferrari stuff. He buys lots of bits and pieces and makes magic with them. He is more of a Broker/Dealer of cool stuff.

    Leonard G is an old school Dino guy named Lenard Green. He goes by Len. Len has sold stuff on eBay over the years, but not as a guy looking for a profit. He is more of a guy looking to unload things he doesn’t need in order to get what he does need. Not a broker or dealer.

    I am not suggesting one is better or worse than the other, we absolutely need both in the Dino world.

    Scott, like me, has been around for a long time, and we are always amazed at how small our world is.

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